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Clergy clothing

For many years our company has been providing our customers with clergy clothing of the best quality. In our offer you can find everyday outfits for clergy, such as a black cassock or albs, but also Eucharistic garments, such as stoles or vestments reserved specifically for serving in liturgy.

Chasubles form one of the most important part of our offer. You can find a variation of types: not only Gothic or Roman vestments, but also Monastic or Marian, many with matching stoles. The variety of dyes corresponds with the liturgical colors and season of the liturgical year.

Not only priests, but also altar boys or members of choirs can find suitable clothing for serving in liturgy. Choose altar lines, decorated with high-quality embroidery, and also funeral palls for proper conduction of a burial ceremony. In order to decorate the church for festivals, you can also search for our banners.

A vast range of clergy cassocks, stoleschasubles and liturgical accessories will help you prepare for proper participation in the Liturgy of the Holy Mass.


Agnieszka Ackermann is an embroidery designer who specializes in liturgical designs. She has been creating beautiful and intricate pieces of art for churches, temples, and other religious organizations for over 15 years.

Agnieszka’s work involves researching the history and symbolism behind each design, sketching out her ideas, and then carefully stitching each piece together. She also works with clients to create custom designs that reflect their unique vision. Her attention to detail and passion for her craft make her a highly sought-after designer in the industry.

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Processional ombrellino
Step into the world of religious rituals with us as we explore one of the most enchanting and symbolic traditions in the Catholic Church - The Processional Ombrellino. Join us on a journey to discover its origins, significance, and how it has evolved over time in one of the most revered churches in the world, The Church of Corpus Christi. Get ready to immerse yourself in a cultural experience that will leave you awe-inspired and enlightened about this fascinating religious practice.
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Roman chasubles
Step into the world of the Catholic Church, and you'll find a myriad of vestments that adorn the priestly figure. From stoles to albs to chasubles, each garment symbolizes something specific in their faith. Among all these different pieces of attire, one stands out for its grandeur and history - The Roman Chasuble. This magnificent vestment has been worn by many popes throughout history and still holds an important place in today's liturgy. In this blog post, we dive deep into what makes the Roman Chasuble so special and why it remains an essential part of Catholic tradition even today!
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Liturgical colors in the Church
Have you ever wondered why the priest wears different colors during church services? Or why some churches use different colored decorations at various times of the year? The answer lies in the liturgical colors used by Christian churches, which have deep spiritual significance and symbolism. Join us as we explore the meaning behind each color and how they enhance our worship experience.
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IdoSell Trusted Reviews
I asked a question after we received the alb and have nit had a final answer. It was whether we can get thus alb in a size smaller.
The biretta I ordered came very quickly; only a week from Europe to USA. It is nice quality as well.