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Processional ombrellino

Processional ombrellino

Processional ombrellino in the church of Corpus Christi

Step into the world of religious rituals with us as we explore one of the most enchanting and symbolic traditions in the Catholic Church - The Processional Ombrellino. Join us on a journey to discover its origins, significance, and how it has evolved over time in one of the most revered churches in the world, The Church of Corpus Christi. Get ready to immerse yourself in a cultural experience that will leave you awe-inspired and enlightened about this fascinating religious practice.

What is an ombrellino?

An ombrellino is a type of umbrella that is carried in processions. It is usually made of silk or other fine fabrics and has a wooden frame. The ombrellino is held over the head of the person carrying it, and is sometimes also carried by another person who walks alongside them.

The word "ombrellino" comes from the Italian word for umbrella, "ombrello." The use of umbrellas in processions dates back to ancient times, when they were used to protect people from the sun or rain. In medieval Europe, umbrellas were also used as symbols of status and power. For example, royalty would often carry umbrellas made of gold or silver, while commoners would carry ones made of cloth.

The ombrellino became particularly associated with the Catholic Church during the Counter-Reformation. As part of their efforts to reform the Church, Catholic leaders sought to end the practice of carrying ceremonial objects in processions, which they saw as a sign of papal decadence. However, Pope Pius V eventually allowed the practice to continue, on the condition that only simple umbrellas made of cloth could be used. Today, ombrellinos are still carried in some Catholic processions, particularly in Italy. They are also used in other ceremony contexts, such as at academic convocations or graduations.

The history of the ombrellino

The ombrellino is a traditional Italian umbrella used in religious processions. It is believed to have originated in the 13th century, and was first mentioned in a papal bull from Pope Innocent IV in 1254.

The ombrellino became a symbol of the papacy during the Avignon Papacy (1309-1377), when the popes resided in Avignon, France. The ombrellino was used to protect the pope from the sun during outdoor ceremonies. In 1348, Pope Clement VI blessed an ombrellino carried by one of his attendants. The ombrellino became increasingly popular in Italy during the 15th century. By the mid-16th century, it was common for Italian nobles to be portrayed with an ombrellino in their portraits.

The ombrellino fell out of use after the 17th century, but was revived in the 19th century by Pope Pius IX. Since then, it has been carried by papal attendants during outdoor ceremonies and processions.

How is the ombrellino used in the Corpus Christi procession?

The ombrellino is a ceremonial umbrella used in Christian religious processions. It is carried over the head of the Pope or a cardinal as a symbol of their authority and dignity. The ombrellino was first used in papal ceremonies in the 13th century and has been used in the Corpus Christi procession since the 14th century. The ombrellino is carried by a gentleman-in-waiting who walks behind the Pope or cardinal during the procession. It is usually made of red silk and gold, and is decorated with the papal or cardinal coat of arms. The ombrellino is also used in other ceremonies such as papal coronations and funerals.

The symbolism of the ombrellino

The ombrellino, or umbrella, is a traditional symbol of the Catholic Church. It is used in processions to protect the Sacred Eucharist from the elements. The ombrellino also symbolizes the papal authority and protection over the Church.


The Processional Ombrellino provides a unique and captivating ceremony for the Church of Corpus Christi. Through its beautiful symbolism, intricate design, and grandeur it brings an air of beauty to any traditional Catholic service. As with all traditions, however, the purpose behind them is what makes them so special. For centuries this tradition has been used as a way to honour Jesus Christ's presence in our lives and His sacrifice for us all. Whether or not you choose to participate in this processional ombrellino during Mass or other services within your local church community remains entirely up to you; however we hope that after reading through this guide you feel more informed about its history and importance when considering taking part in it yourself!


Processional ombrellino UM-2

Processional ombrellino UM-2

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