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Marian Copes

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ARS Sacra makes a wide variety of liturgical vestments and offers the most wonderful models that are suitable for any feast day celebrated in honour of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Our Marian Copes are available in a vast selection of styles (Roman, Gothic, Semi-Gothic), colours, and decorations. Since they are the most important decorations for the feast, it is very important to choose the most beautiful liturgical vestment. Browse our unique selection of liturgical vestments and place an order in our online shop.

Marian Copes - ARS SACRA

The liturgical vestment for processions is worn by all ranks of the clergy when assisting a liturgical function. They make the most splendid decorations and the perfect finishing touch. In order to show the importance and splendour of the holiday, they were hand-made with great attention to detail and beautifully ornamented. Our Marian Roman Copes as well as Gothic and Semi-Gothic models are suitable for use in the church and services taking place outside. The coats are made of high-quality materials and are comfortable to wear regardless of the season. They are available in all liturgical colours and both the front and the hood can be decorated with high-quality embroidery.

Gothic, Semi-Gothic, and Roman Marian Cope

In this category of robes, we carry a diverse range of Marian Copes. Beautifully decorated liturgical attire is exquisitely embroidered, which beautifully reflects and honours the spiritual beliefs. We offer Roman style, Gothic style, and Semi-Gothic style Marian Copes. Some of the available models include liturgical vestments decorated with a silk belt, a matching stole or gold metallized tapes, and with an option -with or without lining. They are available in a wide variety of colours, such as royal blue, gold, cream or white. They also come in a wide variety of high-quality fabrics, such as velvet, damask, a mix of both, poly and wool, silk or brocade. Discover our unique range and shop for Gothic, Semi-Gothic, and Roman, Marian Copes at ARS Sacra.

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