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Decorative altar cloths

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High-quality materials, a variety of designs, and elegant embellishments - this is what you will find in our online store for altar cloths. We offer sacred accessories that help to create an atmosphere of solemnity and celebration in the place of worship. As the most important place in the church, the altar should be decorated accordingly, which differs on weekdays and on holidays. Have a look at the many customizable products available from Ars Sacra.

Decorative altar cloths for sale

Our products are sewn from durable fabrics and decorated with ornamental embroidery, usually in gold, and can be customized. The elegant appearance of the altar cloth is due to the white polyester fabric with a weight of 200 grams per square meter. The fabric is also finished with a water-repellent and stain-resistant coating to protect it from moisture and stains such as candle wax. There are variants with different dimensions and several types of edge finish. Depending on the product, the embroidery can be placed all around the fabric, on the three sides facing worshippers, or only on the front of the fabric (front embroidery).

Custom altar cloths

For customers who wish to match the colors of the embroidery to the occasion, we offer custom altar cloths. Different colors are chosen for specific feasts or periods of the liturgical year. For example, we sell versions with green decorations, which symbolize hope and rebirth. There are also, for example, altar cloths with purple embroidery, chosen for Lent, and red embroidery, used for Palm Sunday and other occasions.

Altar cloths for individual Church holidays

We also offer custom-made products with embroidery tailored to the feast being celebrated, allowing the church to be decorated for a specific occasion. Here you will find custom altar cloths with Christmas and Easter motifs. We also offer variations in the Marian colors of white and blue. These decorations are reserved for certain periods of the liturgical year. They are only used on specific days.

Altar cloths in a wide range of colors and fine fabrics

Custom-made white fabric cloths with gold embroidery make up the majority of our range, but we also sell cloths in other colors. Damask and velvet church decorations are available in green, red, purple, blue, cream, pink, gold, white, and black. Instead of embroidery, the edges are decorated with gold fringe. You can order a product with a minimum length of 100 cm and a maximum length of 500 cm. The smallest width is 40 cm, and the largest is 160 cm. The church altar cloths for sale in our online store come in a wide range of prices, sizes, and decorative designs. We invite you to order the liturgical items of your choice.

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