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Liturgical and monastic amice

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Ars Sacra is an online store offering a wide selection of liturgical accessories and vestments worn by priests, monks, and other members of the Catholic Church. Among other products, this part of our line includes amices available for purchase in several styles. The product line also includes other items worn to Mass or during ordination. We invite you to browse our assortment of products.

Liturgical vestment components for sale

The amice in the Catholic Church is a white rectangular cloth typically made of linen, sometimes tied at the chest. It is a component of liturgical attire that is currently optional. However, it should be worn when the alb does not completely cover the secular garment around the neck. It covers the neck and shoulders. The Latin word "humerus" - from which its other name, humeral, is derived - means "shoulders."

In the Ars Sacra line, amices are available in variations with subtle, decorative embroidery in the center. These liturgical vestment components generally are not overly ornate - a modest application depicting a cross is all that can be found on them. The items available in our online store measure 41 x 90 cm.

Maniturgium for ordination

At Ars Sacra we also offer articles used during the solemn reception of priestly ordination. The maniturgium is a rectangular piece of cloth used to cleanse the hands of the oil applied during the anointing. It is not uncommon for this piece of cloth to be given to the mother of the newly ordained priest and framed in a display case to commemorate this momentous occasion. This is why the material can be personalized. The items sold in our online store can be embroidered to commemorate the day of the priest's ordination. In addition to the date, a cross and, of course, the name of the priest can be embroidered in gold thread. The maniturgium for sale is made of 100% cotton. It measures 30 x 45 cm.

Other liturgical vestment components

The amices and stoles are items worn by priests during the celebration of Mass. However, we also offer the latter in a version designed for the ceremony of priestly ordination. Like the maniturgium, they can be personalized by embroidering a name, surname, and date of the ceremony. The stoles are made of white polyester fabric and embroidered with gold thread. The text to be embroidered on one end should be specified in the appropriate box when ordering.

Amices, stoles, and maniturgia for sale

The Ars Sacra online store is a place where you can order personalized liturgical garments. We invite you to purchase amices, stoles, and maniturgia sewn with high-quality materials and decorated with gold embroidery. Order times may vary depending on whether a personalized design is to be applied to the fabric.

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