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Buttons for cassocks

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Not only do they need to look decorous, but they also need to be functional for those exercising the priestly ministry. A well-tailored cassock should not lack buttons, and we offer a wide selection of them at the Ars Sacra store. We have accessories available in various colours to match the cassocks of different periods, such as Advent, Lent or Easter. These accessories come in shades of black, white, red, and roman purple, and they are 100% handmade in our workshop.

Our buttons for cassocks, available in the category below, are made with polyester thread wrapped tightly around the accessories. We sell them in packs of 36. Moreover, we offer viscose fingers with a thickness of 2 mm that are available by the metre.

High-quality buttons for cassocks from Ars Sacra

Cassocks are garments that, like ordinary clothing, can get damaged. The only solution for damaged buttons is to sew on new ones, which can be purchased from our online store. Our accessories for cassocks are suitable for both ready-made albs, tunics or dalmatics, as well as for custom-made vestments for different periods in the liturgy of the Catholic Church. Our accessories come in red, roman purple, black and white, and can be used to enhance the functionality of finished vestments.

Custom-made buttons for cassocks for priests, altar boys and deacons

All of our accessories are 100% handmade using polyester thread, and produced with meticulous attention to detail. Take advantage of our offer and receive not just one cassock button, but a pack of 36 accessories. We also offer fingers for cassocks sold by the metre in various colours, such as black, red, white or purple, depending upon what alb the person performing the priestly service needs them for.

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IdoSell Trusted Reviews
Brilliant. Would it be pissible to recieve some samples of the fabric used for other priests garments. Im particilarly interested in buying stoles and chasuables
Everything looks great